Hold your breath, count to 10, fall apart, start again

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I'm a witch, mother, partner, working social services in a disease management setting, and general all around trouble maker. I juggle my Chaos and have 3 children, 4 parrots, and am now a grandmother. Witchcraft is my passion.I believe that we are always walking in sacred space. I write a lot about my family, and those people or issues I care deeply for. I curse a lot and will not tone down my language.

I have filters if we have things in common or we found each other on a mutual community I will add you to that filter but if not you can always ask to be added.

I am in the process of doing the hardest, bravest, scariest thing I have ever done in order to improve my health. And technically I haven't even started yet.
Emotional overeating
goes hand in hand with the body. I journal when I eat for emotional reasons, or confuse head hunger for body hunger.
where I write about things Feri but honestly I don't write in this filter a lot because I believe that most of my writing is based upon growth from my Feri practice.
Mental health care
I live with and care for someone with a mental health diagnosis. A lot of my humanness both good and bad occurs on this filter.

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